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Show your child how COOL they are with a cool Sno Cone Party!  You can celebrate a good grade, nice manners, or even a birthday!  ANYTHING!  Kids are only young once and they will remember the fun of having their own Sno Cone party that they share with their entire class.


Let's face it, planning birthday parties is one more parental duty.  Leave the planning to the PTO!  All you have to do is pick a FRIDAY, complete the required information, and make a payment here on our Website!  Let the PTO handle it all for you!  Plus the money goes directly back to our children!


What you get: 

  • Sno Cones for the entire class
  • Celebrated child gets unlimited flavorings
  • Celebrated child gets to throw leftover 'snow' at the fence or build a snowman
  • Happy memories created
  • Satisfaction that the cost of the party goes to help a worthy cause

**All celebrations will be at the discretion of the teacher's schedule.  Please reserve at least a week in advance.**

Sno Cone Party

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